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About Palūšės Valtinė

This route is about 34 km long. It starts at the Palūšė Boat House (usually by kayak or canoe, because boats are difficult to transport). You'll cross Lūšiai, Šakarvai, and Žeimenys lakes (about 14 km).  The route will continue along Žeimena river - it is at this point the Aukštaitija National Park waters start their long journey toward the Baltic Sea. Žeimena will bring you to Švenčionėliai town (about 21 km) and we'll take you from there and bring you back to Palūšė (about 20 km). This route traditionally takes two days. Along the way you can visit Pakretuonė Watermill and the early 20th century neogothic Kaltanėnai Church. We advise travelling this route on weekdays, because it may be crowded with water tourists during weekends. In the middle of this route, at the town of Kaltanėnai, you'll find a small shop where you can replenish your food and drink stocks. You'll spend the night at a small wild campsite on the Žeimena river bank. Along Žeimena you'll see some settlements right near the river - most land owners do not like tourists landed on their doorsteps, so these places carry signs 'Privati valda' (Private property). You can extend this route and go to the Lithuanian capital Vilnius - it will take you 4 to 5 days (waterway Palūšė - Vilnius is about 150 km long).

Baidarių, Kanoju ir Valčių nuoma Aukštaitijos Nacionaliniame parke, žygių organizavimas. Būka, Kiauna, Lakaja, Žeimena.