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About Palūšės Valtinė

This river route is about 31 km long, taken by kayak or canoe with one overnight stay. We'll drive you to the starting point (about 15 km away from the Palūšė village). Kiauna is a small and wild river, rarely visited by tourists. Its length is about 16 km. On the river you can come across fallen trees, and sometimes you'll have to carry your kayaks or canoes over or around such obstacles. Along the way you'll pass two small lakes. There's a cozy private campsite on Gilūtas lake shore; it charges 12 Lt per tent. Kiauna river flows into Žeimena river. Žeimena is larger, its banks more populated, and there are often more tourists boating in it. You'll go downstream Žeimena (19 km) until you reach Švenčionėliai town (as in the above-described route). You'll find many wild campsites along Kiauna and Žeimena river banks. Please remember that there won't be any shops along this route. You can extend your trip (up to 20 km) if you cross Aisetas Lake and then go along the Aiseta stream. Or, as in the above-mentioned route, you can go to Vilnius. On your way to Vilnius you'll have three opportunities to replenish your food and drinking water supplies.

Baidarių, Kanoju ir Valčių nuoma Aukštaitijos Nacionaliniame parke, žygių organizavimas. Būka, Kiauna, Lakaja, Žeimena.