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About Palūšės Valtinė

The Buka River is a popular weekend route. Part of this route is the same as the 'Great Ring' route described above, but it starts along the Buka River on the first day.  The route length is 28 km. You'll travel by kayak or canoe, with one overnight stay. This route is interesting in its variety: the first half is winding streams and the second half is lakes. You can visit a 'lake within a lake' (a small lake within an islet of Baluošas Lake), Ginučiai Water Mill (built in 19th century), and Ladakalnis Hill that offers a beautiful panoramic view of six lakes. We'll transport the travelers with their gear to the starting point (about 20 km), and from there you'll row back to the Palūšė Boat House. There's a campsite at the start of this route in case you want us to bring you there in the evening so that you can start your adventure early the next day. At Ginučiai village you'll have to carry your equipment and things across the road (about 20 m). You'll find a small shop and a snack bar in Ginučiai. The campsite is in the middle of this route, on Almajas lake shore. The campsite fee is 6 Lt per tent + 2 Lt per person. It is large and comfortable with outdoor furniture, fireplaces, and outdoor WCs. You can extend your adventure for up to 4 days, if you add the Lūšiai - Žeimenys - Žeimena route (see below).

Baidarių, Kanoju ir Valčių nuoma Aukštaitijos Nacionaliniame parke, žygių organizavimas. Būka, Kiauna, Lakaja, Žeimena.