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About Palūšės Valtinė

This calm, beautiful and clean forest river with sparsely populated banks is in Labanoras Regional Park. Along the way you'll pass two small lakes, Aldikis and Lakaja. It is usually a two-day route (about 31 km), good for inexperienced paddlers and families with young children alike. We'll drive you to its starting point - Juodieji Lakajai Lake (about 40 km away from Palūšė Boat House), and we'll bring you back to Palūšė when you finish your trip at Liūlinė village (about 30 km to Palūšė Boat House). The route starts at a campsite - we can bring you there in the evening and you can start your adventure early the next day. Most campsites along the way are primitive  and free (without charge). You won't find any shops along this route, but you'll come across obstacles - fallen trees and low bridges. Sometimes you'll have to carry your kayaks and canoes over these obstacles or along the shore. You can easily prolong this route if you circle the Labanoras National Park lake ring before entering Lakaja River, or if you continue downstream via Lakaja, Žeimena, and Neris until you reach the city of Vilnius.

Baidarių, Kanoju ir Valčių nuoma Aukštaitijos Nacionaliniame parke, žygių organizavimas. Būka, Kiauna, Lakaja, Žeimena.